Mandy's Personal Chef Services - Healthy *  Delicious * Gluten-Free Options


I make getting dinner to the table easy for your family!

Options include:

~  3 dinners a week for a family of four.  

~  6-10 dinners for a couple.

Meals are prepared at your home (or at mine) and can be made to your preferences. This service includes meal planning,  shopping, cooking & cleaning.

Cost varies depending on needs. It ranges from $225 to $295 for my services.  The cost of groceries are in addition to the service cost.

Here are some examples of  dishes that clients have enjoyed......

Southwest  Grilled Tri-Trip w/ Portabello Mushrooms
Thai Coconut Curry with Shrimp
Swedish meatballs with dilled carrots 

Marinated Mediterranean Tofu Kabobs
Chicken Pot Pie 
Moroccan Lamb Stew

Summer Veggie Lasagna
Beef Empanadas
Quinoa & Black Bean Salad

Special Diets Items: 

Creamy Cashew Lasagna (G-F & D-F)
Chicken Curry with Bombay Spices (D-F)
Chicken Pot Pie (G-F & D-F)


I bake treats that suit your diet, including, but not limited to the following diets: gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free & corn-free. Available for delivery.

Items such as….

Flour-less Chocolate Cake
Carrot Cake
Apple Pie
Cream Puffs with chocolate sauce

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" We are enjoying the food you prepared tremendously.   
     It is so wonderful not to have to think about shopping 
         & cooking for a few days, and to  have plenty  of     
       items  in the freezer to pull out for future meals."    
              - C.A. &M.F.
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