Mandy's Personal Chef Services - Healthy *  Delicious * Gluten-Free Options

"Mandy does an incredible job balancing 
 between excellent health and absolute deliciousness.
 I recommend her highly!"                                        


"Thanks so much for the wonderful food you prepared for us last week. We are enjoying it tremendously, and it is so wonderful not to have to think about shopping and cooking for a few days--also to have plenty in the freezer to pull out for future meals."


   "We just loved dinner tonight! Your food is absolutely delicious. Our son is a big fan also: "Awesome" were his exact words. Thank you so much. It was fun having you in our home today."


"I have been on a very limited diet, and Mandy 
has been a great Personal Chef for me. She tuned into the needs of my body and created tasty mealswhich let me forget my limitations."

"It's wonderful to have a freezer full of food that makes you feel good."


"How wonderful to come home today to your note. Like a dream come true. The Moroccan stew is excellent. Wow!! We love the flavors..had a little state of the butternut squash and mint. Yum again... so grateful."


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